10 best activities to consider in 2018

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We are in the first week of 2018. Various financial dailies are posting list of stock ideas and financial resolutions. However, we at AI believe that it is the overall well being that matters. Money is important but it can not buy peace and happiness. In this introspection week, we are sharing some of the activities you can consider doing in 2018. We will not call them resolutions as they often break within January itself. You can consider them as pointers which can be worth doing in 2018 based on applicability as per your situation.

  1. Spend less time on mobile screen, most of it is a waste of time. You do not need so much information and confusion. Plan family days or atleast dinners without a smart phone.
  2. Write down your priorities for next 5 & 15 years and work on a plan to meet them.
  3. Train yourself to improve your bread winning skill.
  4. On birthdays, instead of throwing money on parties, donate something useful to the needy. This will inculcate good values to your children which is priceless.
  5. Visit your native place, meet old friends and relatives atleast once a year.
  6. Spend some time on your hobby, preferably outdoor.
  7. Do a full body checkup and maintain your weight. Exercise atleast 150 minutes in a week. If you can’t exercise due to some inability, then try yoga.
  8. Call your grandparents more often (assuming that you are regularly calling your parents). Hug your partner/parents more often and tell them how much you love them. It is important to speak out your feelings with your close ones.
  9. Identify your strengths and weakness, try to use your strengths in daily life. Work on your weakness to keep them under control.
  10. Forgive your enemies, stop overthinking and being jealous. It is perfectly fine to cry or weep instead of holding it inside. Shedding a tear makes you no less a man or woman. Try to be at peace with yourself. You will be a better decision maker in life.

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