2020: Our Performance Update

2020 has been arguably the most hated year on record. People will remember covid related stories for narrating to their grandchildren. For equity investor, it has been a roller coaster ride. Market dipped sharply in March but it has kept rising since then. So, equity investors have some reasons to cheer about 2020. Reflecting back on our services, it has been a phenomenal year as portfolios & services delivered stellar returns. Let’s look at our services and their returns one by one.

Multicap & Smallcap Portfolio Services

2020 saw a massive performance from both our portfolios. One year returns for both is high 80s, despite dip in March. You can access them here:


Emerging Caps (SME) Service

Stock 1|Recommended 15-May-19|Returns -31% |Hold
Stock 2|Recommended 20-Apr-20|Returns 61%|Exited
Stock 3|Recommended 19-Jul-20|Returns: 101%|Buy
Stock 4|Recommended 26-Jul-20|Returns: 44%|Buy
Stock 5|Recommended 2-Nov-20|Returns: 10%|Buy

SMEs being smaller companies were largely untouched by investors as many feared them to get bankrupt. Covid indeed pushed many SME companies to the brink of shut down. However, this also presented golden opportunity from this segment. Some great SME companies were available at a bargain price. We grabbed them the during peak of covid (Apr-Jul). Returns have been good but we believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of these companies are pretty good in their niche areas and they will rise much more in future. SMEs are high potential multibaggers in making. There is no reason why a company manufacturing life saving medicines or providing renewable energy solutions or doing industrial automation will go out of business any time soon.

You can access it here: https://aceequityinvestor.com/home/emerging-caps/

All in 1 – Smallcase

It was a good close for All in 1 smallcase as well. While it was launched in mid-August, it was able to crave out 49% returns in last four months only. This portfolio is online and available on smallcase platform.

You can access it here:


2021 has lot of expectations of recovery from covid. To an extent that has been factored in current share prices but there is still lot of pockets available at bargain. Lastly, liquidity is still high and interest rates remain low. Thus, stock market may enjoy some more sunshine before it will become very stock specific and not all stocks will move up like it has been happening from past few months. We are keeping an eye on these developments and will make suitable recommendations in our services accordingly.

Thanks for being on AI post, have a successful 2021!!