Happy New Year & Some Thoughts

Happy New Year 2019

“We wish to our Ace subscribers a promising 2019 for their financial as well as personal well-being” 

As we approach the end of 2018 & get ready to welcome 2019. It is a good time to take a time off from our routine activities and reflect back on the year. Our long time subscribers will know that we do not believe in publishing stock list for next year. Nothing like that happens at AI because we have already recommended our best stocks to you as part of our services. Why to wait till new year for recommending best stocks.

Generally, New Year & Christmas are good times as most of us get much needed break from our hectic life. Some time to spend with family, some time to enjoy the winter sun, some time to eat seasonal foods.

Time flies, it seems as if it was only a few months back when we celebrated new year. Congratulation, all of us have grown an year older & wiser. It is interesting that most of us like to introspect during this time of the year. Why does this happen? Perhaps because of change in calendar reminds us that time is running away, better to do something more meaningful next year. That feeling of loosing out and absence of office work possibly puts us into the introspection mode.

Continuing on this theme, today on AI post, we are writing about things which we believe are worth a thought during this holiday. 


  • Plan your goals for next 5 years & 15 years down the line. The first step towards financial planning is formulating goals. So, think & write down your goals.
  • Once goals are defined, try to find right investment tool to achieve that goal.
  • Take help of a qualified financial planner if needed. Stay away from brokers or sales people. Only trust independent financial planner who charges you for financial planning service. Free services are often loaded with hidden cost (like sales incentives) which is way more costly than you can imagine.
  • If you have already done financial planning, then it is time to review your goals & portfolios.
  • Have you taken enough medical & life insurance? If yes, great. If no, please (please) do not compromise on this. It is your parachute in case of emergency. You certainly don’t want holes in your parachute. Compromises in these things can hurt you very badly where it hurts the most (your family).


  • Health is real wealth. We often realize the gravity of this proverb once we are not well. 
  • Don’t devote your life to office or business. There is no point in getting promoted with high BP or diabetes.
  • Try to exercise in mornings because evening schedules are often unpredictable. 
  • At least 40 minutes of high intensity exercise during a week. You must sweat enough to make it count.


  • Get at least 7 hours of daily sleep to ensure you get adequate rest.
  • Morning exercise helps you to remain mentally sharp during the day.
  • If you like yoga, go for it. If you like running, do it. If you are a gym person, why not.
  • Try to focus on things which has a direct material impact on you. Ignore noise, politics, breaking news, etc. Most of it is a waste of time. 
  • Call your friends instead of texting on facebook. It’s much more fulfilling.
  • Train your mind to switch over from one mode to another. This will help you to focus better on task in hand. Once out of office, stop checking office emails. You are at home and there are many things which deserve your attention. Avoid overthinking as it will make things over complicated.
  • Forgive your enemies, no point in keeping jealousy fire burning. It eats you from inside.

We must admit that preaching is always easier than practice. However, there is no harm in being positive. Over time, if you keep on attempting a desired state of finance, mental or physical health, you will achieve it sooner or later, more or less.

Happy New Year. Shine & Smile.