Presenting “All in 1” Portfolio

Dear Ace Readers,

We have created a unique “All in 1” portfolio on a digital platform called as smallcase. Smallcase is a fintech platform on which SEBI registered entities can operate their portfolios. It is like a Flipkart or Amazon for private portfolio offerings. Effectively an open marketplace where investors can compare & select a portfolio as per their requirements. This is a transparent platform where you can invest completely online in a single click using your existing demat account & create monthly SIP etc. There is no third party involved or any hard rules to go through any preferred broker. You are free to select anyone of the brokers which have completed integration with this platform

Supported Demat Accounts: Zerodha, Axis, HDFC, IIFL, 5 Paisa, Kotak, Trustline, Alice Blue & Edelweiss

Ease of Investment

Creating a portfolio on a digital platform was long requested to us by many subscribers. There are many benefits for the investors:

  • Automation: The main benefit is that investor don’t need to calculate how many shares to buy in each company as per portfolio allocation. All calculations / notification / investments are automated in the portal. All that investor has to do is to review & authorize the pre-filled transactions.
  • Easy to follow portfolio changes: Here if we make any changes in the portfolio, let’s say add/tweak any new stock, investor will receive alert on email & whatsapp. They can just login and accept the changes. This is called as re-balancing. For long it has been a constant complain from subscribers that they miss tweaking their portfolios as per the latest updates. This system will take care of it.
  • SIP Discipline: Investor can setup one time mandate and create monthly SIP, just like a mutual fund. This will result in wealth creation with known benefits of SIP. Earlier, investors had to calculate each month and invest manually which was very tedious.
  • Real Time Dashboard: Investors can check, value of their investment in a dashboard at any point in time. Investor can invest in a lumpsum or SIP or redeem at any point of time without any restrictions. All shares are held within investor’s demat account, proving complete control to the investor.

What is All in 1?

Before launching this portfolio, we did some research in understanding investor requirements. If you look at mutual funds or even smallcases, many have an underlying theme or targeting a particular segment of the asset class. As we know, returns from each asset class are cyclical. If gold has performed well, it does not mean it will keep on doing so. Same goes for equities and any themes like chemicals or pharma within equities. So ideally, investors should move out of these themes once they play out completely. However, a fund manager will never ask you to redeem from their funds just because their theme has played out. It results in losing decent profits made during the sunny days of that theme.

To fix this problem, we designed this portfolio with an inbuild asset allocation in place. The idea is that portfolio keeps moving instead of investor keep switching to different themes. A simple solution for investors. This portfolio will have complete freedom to move across equity/gold/debt. Within equities, it will be flexicap. It means portfolio can gravitate towards largecap or midcap or smallcap or a mix them them based on market conditions. In simple terms, this portfolio becomes a Sehwag when conditions are batting friendly and becomes a Dravid when ball is swinging. Right now, this portfolio is in Sehwag mode as apparent from recent returns.

We couldn’t think of any better name than All in 1 for such a portfolio.

What about our existing portfolios?

Don’t worry, existing portfolio will continue to run uninterrupted. This online portfolio has been created to meet the increasing demand from our customers who want simple to run portfolio. You can continue with existing portfolios in the same manner. For non-portfolio service like Emerging CAPS, they are also not impacted as they was never a portfolio service in the first place.


CAGR: 18.51%

As per backtesting, this portfolio would have generated a CAGR of 18.51% over last 4 years. However, backtesting is just a way to showcase, it can never be true reflection of what is in store for future. For example, if we have included a stock which has been going down from last 2-3 years and there is a bright outlook in the future, backtesting will show a negative return for it. Going forward, we will aim to achieve returns of more than 20% annually. The higher the better for us. By the way, in last one month, our “live” portfolio has added 8.8%.

Please go through the fact sheet, presentation and help videos for more details. In case any further queries, feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp, 9958092336

Thanks for being with AI, have a nice Sunday!!