Editor’s Pick: Best of AI posts and our stock list for 2018

New Year 2018 Greeting

We wish our readers a great 2018, full of wealth & WISDOM

As 2017 comes to an end, investors are reviewing their portfolios to re-adjust. Some are searching for new stock ideas and media is obliging them by dishing out top stocks for 2018 like candy machines. While this makes a good readership/viewership, it is not beneficial for you. On the other hand, the smart investors are taking a little timeout and re-visiting concepts to improve and mature as an investor. This is the only recipe to ensure repeated success in 2018 and rest of the years to come.

In this article, we bring you our best AI posts of year 2017 along with commentaries (must read) which explains what makes them rank so high. You might have missed them earlier due to busy schedules or simply because of joining late, however better late than never. We will also briefly touch upon our stock recommendations for year 2018 🙂 So please spare some free time to read through this AI post, it is gonna take some time but it is worth while.

Crazy search for new year stock ideas

At AI, we have a logical approach to investments. We believe these events (Diwali, New year, Christmas, etc) are not market events rather than festivals which must be thoroughly enjoyed with family without worrying about stock market. Market is not getting cheaper or costlier on these occasions, so we must stop looking for new stock ideas since nothing changes fundamentally. Because we worry so much, print & television media is there to satisfy this thirst. It’s their business and they will do it irrespective of whether it is beneficial to your business or not.

Our best stocks of 2018 are the same old list of stocks which has been recommended earlier as part of either Tiny CAPS or MultiCAP Multibagger services. If there was a better stock, why to wait for festivals to recommend them? Our apologies if you feel disappointed after reading this but does that ring a bell to you? If yes, read on this article which has links to some powerful & insightful write-ups waiting for you.

Editor’s Pick: Best of AI Posts from 2017

  1. Maslow’s Investment Hierarchy: How many of us are patient enough to start investments after building contingency fund, buying life & health insurance? As per our experience with clients, not many, may be only 10% of all. We have put this as no. 1 article because we want to re-re-re-emphasize on the importance of having your safeguards on. Stock market is a ruthless world where it is all honky dory in a bull run but imagine a bear grip: Market is tanked, companies are cutting costs & firing people. Due to stress, health problems can arise. You see that it is all linked. You must have contingency funds and insurance with you, since no one will come to rescue on that day. Usually we do not bother about a spare tire until we have a flat tire (puncher) on a highway. Remember famous movie Titanic, where there were not enough life boats because they thought it can never sink. Don’t out-guess random events of the nature, you will never know when & where they are going to strike. Best you can do is to keep yourself prepared. My dear, the idea is not to scare you but making you aware of real possibilities. If you are already covered then let’s move on to the next topic.
  2. Investment method for small capsThis is coming from our own personal experience. Investment in small caps is way different from large caps. Unfortunately, most advisers apply large cap methods of investment to small caps as well. The problem is that unlike large caps, small caps are a lot in number, they have more standard deviation, they also have pre-mature business model which is susceptible to management’s ability. To overcome these limitation, we published an AI post, which explains how to invest in small caps with an evergreen strategy that takes bull or bear market out of equation. Do read this one, if you missed it earlier.
  3. For all of you who want to retire early: Did anyone tell you how you can retire early and try out your hobbies but still live a good life, thanks to power of equities. If not, then read this post where we explain how an equity investment can keep on generating enough money for a comfortable life, no matter how long you live (even after you die). The only condition is that you must not kill the golden egg lying Hen.
  4. Health is Wealth: This AI post, talks about the benefits of a healthy body and how it can improve your portfolio as well. Must read for every overweight species.
  5. Imaginary Football Match: They say life is a game, this article talks about the game between you and forces of economics. No matter if you choose to play or not, these forces will keep on playing against you. So better to strap up & play, rather than let them play without opposition.
  6. Bitcoin: Newbie in the town, everyone is talking about them but no one understands. We love this article since it opens us to the new world of change. Bitcoin may or may not be there in future  but this powerful force behind bitcoin which is block-chain technology will certainly have a major impact on our present day monetary system.
  7. Ace your biases: Whats stands in between you and a multibagger return? Well, actually quite a lot of things. In the world of finer studies of behavioral economics, it is established that more than luck it is our behavior which shapes our future. It is most difficult part to master since it is in our DNA, in our up bringing, in our natural instincts to take defensive action first rather than intelligent action. In case of certain events, our neurons take control of our brains and they are unfortunately hardwired to take defensive action only. Intelligence is shut off. The good thing is that this defensive action (called Amygdala hijack) lasts for only short duration but most of us take a decisive decision within those few minutes. While we can not control this stone age habit, we can certainly be aware of it to avoid taking a decision then & there. Cool down yourself and rethink after some time, may be after a few days. You will always come up with a better judgement since intelligent part of brain will also contribute this time.

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