Imaginary Football Match: You vs Rest-of-Economy (It’s Live as you read)

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This is an economic story of a middle class person in India (perhaps across the world). He (no offence ladies) earns day & night, gets food, pays bills and save a little in the bank. He continues this for many many years after all he has been told by parents to work hard & live an honest life. But after many years, he realizes that after so much efforts, he is just able to meet ends and a little bit of savings here and there. He is never sure if he is financially independent or not. But wait, what went wrong here? I did what everyone else is doing and as hard as it gets.

Well, the answer lies in our “not so perfect” education system. We are taught Moral Science, History, Chemistry & what not (trigonometry yikes!!). Alas, no one teaches us the concept of Money, how it gets created or recycled but every time ends up in the hands of rich people (Confession: I have read Rich Dad Poor Dad). Money Management is a mandatory skill for everyone but for some strange reasons, only Commerce students get it. Coming back to this article, how to get ahead of this rat-race & create a little bit for ourselves is essential.

It can take a whole day to explain but then picture says thousand words, I don’t have any animation today but have a table which represents events during an imaginary football match between You and Rest of Economy. Wear your specs, over to the table.

YOU vs *REST of ECONOMYCycle of Common Man

What to do then?

There are only two possible ways you can break out of this cycle.

Perfect Way: Start your own business, work hard to make it big & get all the deserving money. If you can continue doing that, you will never run out of money.

Practical Way:  It’s for people like your author who can not run a business, instead will join a business which is making money. This is what Equities are (Share Market). You put money into a Business which is expected to do well & You make Money as Business makes Money. The only issue is how to find a business which can do it for you. I have a suggestion click here.

Have an awesome weekend!

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