Editor’s Pick: Our best articles of 2018

So far in 2018, AI Post published a total of 43 articles with two more articles to go. As we draw curtains to year 2018 and get ready to welcome 2019, it is time to reflect back on the success and failure of the last year. We covered wide variety of topics ranging from stock market to technology trends to investor behavior & current affairs. We hope you enjoyed reading these articles and it helped you to gain some confidence in equities.

Today on AI post, our editor is handpicking six top articles from AI post which we think were pretty good and full of common sense. Here are these six posts.

Your biggest financial enemy: Know it well!: Since a part of writing AI post is to spread awareness on financial issues that can hit hard most of us, we wrote this piece giving sneak peak into medical inflation and how it is going to impact us if not prepared. Must read during holiday periods like this.

Bear Market Brainwash!: Beautifully explains the power of elongated bear market and its impact on our mind. Its very funny how market events like bear market news slowly creeps inside sub-cautious part of our brain. Since it happens over a long period of time, it alters investment principles inside our mind without our notice. However, there is a way for doing course correction. Must read if you are fearful due to ongoing correction.

How to select a stock advisor? Our checklist: While there is a lot of information related to stock selection over the internet, there is hardly any information for selecting a stock advisor. To address this gap, we published a checklist for stock advisor selection based on common sense parameters.

Magic Multibagger Formula from Legendary Joel Greenblatt: There is a multibagger formula properly published by one of the gurus of stock market, Mr Joel Greenblatt. We published this article so that our ace reader can also learn about this formula. It is a simple yet effective way to find out high performing stocks from the universe of stocks.

Oilnomics & its impact on stocks: There were lot of queries from ace readers to understand how oil economics works out. So, we wrote this post to get you familiarized with major power players and their equation in crude oil industry. When this article was published, oil was boiling at $90 per barrel and we predicted that its will come down and settle around $70-75 per barrel over long term.

5G: The Next Real Technology Revolution: 5G has created lot of hype but not many people understand the actual concept as it is easy to assume that it is a better version of 4G which is not the case. We tried to explain this technology in very simple words and promised to write another article to explain its impact on various industries in next post. That post is currently under writing and should be published in first two weeks of January ’19.

We thank you for being on AI post. We will continue to post good articles next year as well. If you have any topic that you want to suggest, please write us at acesales@acceequityinvestor.com. Our team will look into it to ensure we provide relevant contents to you for free.

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