Happy Diwali: Read this before buying Diwali stocks

Diwali Wish retouched

Diwali is great festival which brings people from different religions & boundaries to celebrate together. Annually, families get together & spend quality time with each other.

For investors, Diwali also means a barrage of new stock recommendations from paid & unpaid sources. This often confuses investors as it tends to spoil your portfolio composition if you invest in lot of new stocks. Diwali is a festival and not a market event! We do not see any reason to suddenly invest in new stocks just because it is Diwali. Till last month, all brokerage houses were cautioning investors to stay away from fresh investment at this level and suddenly now you can see same folks recommending lot of new stocks. This makes no sense at all, since nothing has fundamentally changed in market. At AI, we do not publish any Diwali stock picks or New Year stock picks as we stay focused on our process which based on fundamentals and not emotions.

As Ace reader, we advise you not to indulge in the illogical rush of buying Diwali stocks. However, there is no issue if you have a stock identified under below criteria:

  1. Stock is reasonably priced and was in your radar earlier as well.
  2. Stock matches with your investment style & expertise
  3. Stocks fits into your portfolio, which is planned for long-term
  4. If you want to buy for auspicious reasons, buy few shares of existing favorite stock.
  5. For our paid members, you can buy stocks from our October month report keeping maximum buying price in mind.

Most importantly, invest in quality time with your family which will stay forever in your family’s collective memory.

Enjoy & Celebrate Diwali 2017!