About Us

The unbridled spirit of AI!!


We are next generation ‘independent’ research firm based in Lucknow with a unique business model. Our aim is to provide unbiased, affordable yet institutional quality equity research services for investors across the world. We sincerely decline any partnership requests from brokers, mutual funds or institutions to cross sell their products on our platform. We want to create an ethical, respectful and mutually rewarding relationship with our clients.

Our business is totally online and we control our costs by keeping our back office in Lucknow. We purposely chose our founder’s hometown instead of metropolitan cities to keep operating expenses low and provide affordable subscription to the public.

Being affordable usually translates into poor quality but not with us. We want to buckle this trend as our research quality is truly global. We have knowledgable & highly qualified people in our think tank from IITs, IIMs & Singapore Management University. They have rich working experience with various asian and american investment banks as well as international stock exchanges. Our founder has even published thesis on portfolio management.

Below are the registration details of our firm with various government agencies:

  • Name: Ace Capital Services
  • Firm Registration Number: UP/203760
  • SEBI Registration Number: INH100005899
  • Registered Address: 352C, ShaktiNagar, Lucknow, U.P., India 226016

Our Founder

Raghvendra AI.png

Hi Ace Investors,

I am Raghav Singh, founder of Ace Capital Services. I have more than 15+ years of experience in Indian stock market and around 10+ years in global equities. I am an engineer & MBA (finance) from Indian Institutes run by Government of India. Also, I am a certified professional from NISM and easily fulfill all the requirements to be a SEBI certified research analyst. My past experience includes working with Singapore Stock Exchange and an American Investment Bank based in Singapore. I have travelled around the world for professional & personal reasons which has taught me valuable life lessons. I am passionately involved in creation & review of contents (AI Post & Research Reports) that takes place within AI with an objective to safeguard common investor’s interest. No commercial interest will ever supersede it as long as I am in charge.

I learned my initial investment lessons from my father who has worked in financial industry for four decades. Patience & conviction is something we must learn from our seniors. My father is a value investor with typical holding period of 10+ years. He bought TCS shares during 2004 IPO at offer price of ₹850 and still holds them. This has given him 15 times return in 14 years.

We opened AI on my father’s insistance to bring premium quality research to the masses. There is a serious lack of top class research access to the common public. Most successful research houses focus on HNIs or institutional clients due to fat margins. Some of them do provide services but at a premium. Upon analysis, we found that many are driven to charge high due to brand image & high rentals of having offices in metropolitan cities. This motivated us to keep our backoffice at Lucknow while rendering our services completely online. By now, online market place has also grown by leaps & bounds. Who visits Flipkart warehouse before buying their products online!

We pay attention to various schools of thought, focus on economic patterns, study competitors to come up with the best stock for our clients. However, we are conscious of the fact that there will be mistakes due to tricky nature of equities. It is our constant endevour to learn & minimize mistakes and be successful on most occasions.

Overall, we are committed to uphold your interest above any commercial or emotional interests by keeping ourselves independent at all times. This is the true spirit of AI!!