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Lot of investors joined stock market in the bull years of 2016-17. Most of them made good money only to loose it all in 2018. In our conversation, 8 out of 10 small cap investors are back to early 2017 levels as small caps is receiving consistent hammering since Feb’2018. Naturally, various questions are coming to investor’s mind, is 2018 a year of bears? Shall I exit stock market and come back when bulls are in operation? In this article, we present our view on it including the real drivers of poor performance and what possibly lies ahead.

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Keeping up the tradition, we continue to post different varieties of topics under AI Post.  Today, we are publishing investment story of one of our subscribers. He wants to keep his name confidential but agreed to share his investment experience with us. There are plenty of lessons in his story and I am sure at some point of time, all of us have committed to same mistakes during early days of our investment journey. Without wasting more time, over to him.

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Most of the readers of AI Post are either young or middle-aged people, who are tech savvy and use smartphones extensively. If you are one the them, today’s article is dedicated to you.

We all know that inflation is the biggest enemy which we face in our financial life. Interstingly, inflation can be different for different sectors. For example in telecom, instead of inflation, it is deflation as call rates keeps on dropping. For groceries, it is in the range of 6-8% for last 20 years. Do you know the worst of them? It is not one but two. It is Medical Inflation (14% annual) & Education Inflation (10% annual). In some ways, they are related as well (we will explain it later). The problem is that no one can escape medical inflation as our human bodies are bound to grow old and catch diseases. The question is not “if” it will happen but “when” it will happen. You are ace reader of AI Post, you should be prepared and not caught unaware.

In this article, we will discuss trends in medical inflation, role of private insurers and medical colleges, and how badly it can impact us in future. Of course we have a solution as well and it is not just buying insurance. We are stock advisor and not insurance advisor, but we continue to encourage our readers for their overall well-being even if it is not linked to our core business activity.

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India is the largest importer of defence weapons in the world. Even China and United States lag behind India when it comes to weapon import. With third largest armed forces of the world, India imports almost 60% of weaponry from abroad. This has a huge fiscal impact as large amount of foreign currency leaves our country and puts pressure on balance between exports and imports. Current Government is pushing “Make in India” policy for defence equipment manufacturing within the country. Defence budget in 2018 Union budget is roughly ₹ 404,365 crore. This means huge opportunity is waiting to be tapped. In this article we explore some of the listed stocks which should benefit from this phenomenon.

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We continue to share our approach and process with “Ace Readers” which can benefit them in the long run. Many research houses will feel shy in sharing their methodology but we do not. It is imperative that as “Ace Reader” of AI Post, you gain knowledge and wisdom over a period of time. The objective is to share pieces of information to make you a better investor who is prepared for long term wealth creation. Coming back to today’s post, this is the second and final article of the series which talks about nitty gritties of constructing a good portfolio. In the previous article, we shared our checklist for picking a multibagger stock. (click here to read)

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There are more than 5000 companies listed on Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE). Out of this, large cap are typically the first 100, mid cap comprises of next 300-400 odd stocks, the rest of the universe of around 4500 companies belong to small caps (though all are not actively traded). Most research houses track and focus on 200 to 400 stocks at maximum stretch which leaves huge number of small caps (around 4500) under-researched and under-represented to investors. If you look at it, this is almost 90% of stocks not covered by research. This leaves a huge opportunity for common public to research and unearth multibagger gems from this lot. The problem is that it is easier said than done.  Since we specialize in small caps, we are going to spill beans on our secret sauce of what we look into before identifying potential multibagger from the world of small caps.

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US president Donald Trump is in news again, this time for his announcement of imposing import duty on metals, primarily of 25% on steel & 10% on aluminum has sent metal stocks plummeting. In this article, we analyse the impact of import duty on major steel companies in India and what lies ahead with such policies in force.

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Year 2018 has started on a tough note for stock market. The much awaited healthy correction is ongoing. Sensex has lost almost 2000 points from the peak 36,200 odd levels. This correction has brought down many stocks across different sectors. Sectors like FMCG and Retail are still expensive despite this correction. However, there are sectors which were not doing great from last two years and this correction has further pushed them down. Media and Entertainment is one such sector where there is plenty of value for long-term stock pickers. In this article, we will analyse the potential of media sector stocks for two years time frame.

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Public sector banks are in storm again. This time due to ₹ 11,000 crore PNB scandal which has rocked the market. At all time high and elevated valuations, market has been waiting for bad news and it keeps on coming. First, long term capital gains taxation on equities and now, public sector bank meltdown. These corrections mean that both good and bad all stocks will go down and present investment opportunity. PSU Banks have crashed and some investors are thinking if it is a right time to buy. Let’s go into the details.

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Equity market is in a phenomenal bull run. It has attracted many first timers into equity investment. The bull run is sweeping and pulling most of the stocks up. In fact, it is hard to under perform in such a market. More participation from retail investors is good but the worrying factor is their lack of knowledge about basic principles of investment. Asset allocation is one such aspect which is largely ignored by everyone on bull market and regretted later. Even among the people who are aware of the basics, there is a lot of misconception about practicing it. In this article, we will simplify the concepts of asset allocation and their re-balancing.

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Budget.jpgThis is the time of the year in which all focus shifts to union budget. Budget is purely an economic event which provides insights on government’s spending plans. This year’s budget is going to be crucial since general elections are planned in 2019. In this article, we explore sectors that are more likely to get impacted by the budget.

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If you have a subscription with a paid stock advisory service in which you are getting new stock recommendation every month, there are chances that after a year or two, your portfolio will swell up to 40-50 stocks with similar weightage assigned to each of them. Even if half of them gives you good returns, the other half will drag your returns back to normal. In this article, we will explain how to invest under “new stock per month” kind of service. This approach is specially designed for small and mid cap stocks. We highly recommend you to use this approach even for our monthly stock recommendation service Tiny CAPS

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We are in the first week of 2018. Various financial dailies are posting list of stock ideas and financial resolutions. However, we at AI believe that it is the overall well being that matters. Money is important but it can not buy peace and happiness. In this introspection week, we are sharing some of the activities you can consider doing in 2018. We will not call them resolutions as they often break within January itself. You can consider them as pointers which can be worth doing in 2018 based on applicability as per your situation.

New Year 2018 Greeting

We wish our readers a great 2018, full of wealth & WISDOM

As 2017 comes to an end, investors are reviewing their portfolios to re-adjust. Some are searching for new stock ideas and media is obliging them by dishing out top stocks for 2018 like candy machines. While this makes a good readership/viewership, it is not beneficial for you. On the other hand, the smart investors are taking a little timeout and re-visiting concepts to improve and mature as an investor. This is the only recipe to ensure repeated success in 2018 and rest of the years to come.

In this article, we bring you our best AI posts of year 2017 along with commentaries (must read) which explains what makes them rank so high. You might have missed them earlier due to busy schedules or simply because of joining late, however better late than never. We will also briefly touch upon our stock recommendations for year 2018 🙂 So please spare some free time to read through this AI post, it is gonna take some time but it is worth while.

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2017 has been a great year for equities, BSE Sensex has given around 26% returns so far. Year was abuzz with lot of activities, investors had a fair share of happiness and heartburn. FIIs pumped in money earlier in the year then pulled out later around September. Domestic inflows remained strong and continues to be strong as a rock. Many investors must have made good profit during the year but are they satisfied? Not many, since there is always a neighbor or colleague who apparently made more money than you. As this year comes to an end, it is a good time to retrospect & ask yourself, what type of investor are you? The one who loves hitting boundaries like Yusuf Pathan or the one who runs hard like Virat Kohli. Many Indians love cricket and no better way to learn investment lessons other than cricket. No one was born as a successful investor they improved with time. In this article, we will share our thoughts on making of a successful investor using cricket as analogy. You can decide whether you invest like Yusuf or Virat.


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Bitcoin has touched record highs and crypto-currencies are fast catching the attention of all investors (including Grandmoms) as everyone wants to be on-board. In this euphoria coupled with the fear of missing out, individual investors tend to overlook health-checks and warning signs. Moreover, because cryptos are unregulated (for now), most individual investors are simply unaware of the pitfalls which could result in serious erosion to their wealth. In this article, we delve into the mechanisms of crypto exchanges & wallets, and the essentials to safeguard your crypto-currencies assets.

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This is our third and final article of the series ‘Electric Car Revolution’ and today we will discuss about the stocks which can potentially benefit from this shift. For recap, in the first article, we wrote about the challenges to the adoption while the second article was about different industry sectors that can be positively or negatively impacted.

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