best strategy

Sensex & Nifty50 are creating new highs every week & currently exploring uncharted territory. An usual question that often comes to us from investors is how to invest in such a high market? Should we invest more, stop investment or sit on cash? In theory, we should not try to time the market since nobody knows which way market will go from here, it may continue to go up for quite sometime or may fall back when it is least expected. In this article, we will try to find a middle path which can be followed irrespective of market conditions. We recommend same approach while investing with any stock advisory service like Tiny CAPS as well.


Market is going up everyday & touching new highs. I am sure you will be happy to see your portfolio grow stronger than ever. However, it will be different challenge when market slides down. As humans, we have affinity towards profit and aversion to loss. However, the fact is that loss occupies more space in our mind than profit. Markets are bound to go up & down and as ace investor, we should be ready to deal with both situations. So, do you have a loss containing strategy? If not, we are sharing some of our thoughts & explaining its impact, if not managed properly.