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We are a SEBI registered (INH100005899) firm, aiming to simplify equity investments for you. We focus on a few long term wealth creation services. Our research reports are simple yet insightful. Many of our customers have become our brand ambassadors. We believe that word of mouth publicity takes time but travels quite far. This single web-page should provide you good information about us and our services. Interested? Please read on!

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Service 1
Portfolio Advisory: Multicap & Smallcap

We have two portfolio, you can chose anyone or both. They have different risk-reward ratios, so please select as per your requirement.

1. Multicap Portfolio (CAGR: 21.1%): Diversified stocks picked across the market capital – large, mid and smallcap
2. Smallcap Portfolio (CAGR: 62.3%) : High growth stocks from small cap segment
Target Returns: 16×10 |16times in 10 years
Reporting: Portfolio reports will be shared every month
Past Performance: Please click here
How to use: After subscription, we will share portfolio over email. You just need to follow it. Report is easy to understand with complete information like % allocation, max buying price, target prices, investment theory etc.
Yearly Price: ₹8,000 for one portfolio | ₹12,000 for both portfolios

Service 2
SME Stock Advisory: Emerging CAPS (EC)

Description: SME are smaller than smallcaps and listed on SME platforms of BSE & NSE but you can buy them using same demat account, nothing special is needed. These are not covered by analysts as they are too small for them but that creates inefficiency which retail investor can tap on. There are cases where stock growing at 50% CAGR remains untouched for many months. It is a gold-mine for those who can handle it.

Performance Updated: 18 Jan 2022

Email sent to Emerging Caps clients for buying Beta Drugs back in 2020

Target Returns: Truly multibagger returns | 5-10 times in 3-5 years
Price: ₹24,000 for two years | Given the returns in this category, service price is a bargain. For example, if a client invested ₹1.5Lakhs in Beta Drugs, it has become around 10Lakhs now. Even if client pays 24k as fee for two years, it is nothing. This is return from just one stock.
Frequency: Flexible, 3 to 4 stocks per year.
Investment Amount: Each SME stock purchase will need around ₹1.5 lakhs. SME stocks are purchased in a lot. Like 200 shares at a time & not 1 share. This is why many retail investor also stay away. So there is truly a huge untapped opportunity. To understand more about SME stock investments, click here.
Using this Service: Upon subscription, report will be shared


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“I trusted AI to do financial planning for me. I found it useful & trustworthy. Now, I have invested a lumpsum money as per portfolio recommendation service, multicap multibagger. Let them recommend stocks while I can focus on my job” Amit Sharma, Singapore
“Initially, I was a reader to free AI newsletters and loved to read their articles which focuses on long-term and fundamentally strong tiny to blue-chip stocks. After conviction, I decided to buy combo plan and found reports very crisp and clear, providing just the right amount of information.
I am impressed with after sales support and value creation interactions. AI services are best suited for any person, who do not follow market very regularly. It also brought much needed discipline in my investments which was lacking from a long time. Reasonable subscription charges which I got returned within first-month of my investment” Bala Dengale, Singapore
“I have been investing in stock market for some time and it is very risky if you invest without proper research. At the same time it is highly rewarding if you do the investment in stock market with proper research. Ace equity researches and stock recommendations are very impressive and result oriented. I have been using their services for past one year and now I follow their recommendations blindly.
Good job Ace equity team. Keep up the good work." Jitendra Sharma, India