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AI creates a world of simplicity in equity investments. We keep ourselves focused on few services which are long-term oriented. Apologies to traders, there is no intra-day or short-term advice here. We aim to on-board investors who believe in long term compounding. With time, many of our customers become our brand ambassadors. Noisy and flashy websites can help a circus but not equity investments. We believe in word of mouth publicity which takes time but travels quite far.

We are a SEBI registered firm. Smallcap research is our core strength which helps us to generate superior returns (aiming at annual returns of more than 25%). From us, you can expect concise yet powerful reports to make you wealthy over time.

We will advise once a month, which is good enough frequency for a long term investors. All reports will be clutter free and easy to understand just like this website. This single web-page should provide you good information about us and our services. Interested? Please read on!


1. MultiCAP Multibagger (MM): Premier service, aimed at multibagger portfolio returns.

16 times returns in 10 yearsManaged Risks vs Returns
Monthly Report by EmailsCost Efficient than PMS
Benjamin Graham's ApproachInvesting Free of Stress
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This model portfolio is a collection of our best 10-15 stocks which can multiply your wealth by 16x in next 10 years. Being a focused, portfolio it can potentially beat index returns by a handsome margin. To mitigate risk, we diversify this portfolio with stocks from large, mid and small caps across different industries. Stocks are held for a longer period to extract full potential. No frequent changes in portfolio stocks.

Upon subscription, you will receive this portfolio with complete details like percentage allocation, buying prices and target price along-with investment thesis for each stock. Every month, we will send a review report which will help to track our portfolio on an ongoing basis. To find out more about this service, click here

2. Tiny CAPS (TC): Pure Small/microcap service, aimed at multibagger individual stock returns.

Service Success Rate 97% Fastest Growing
Fresh Stock Per Month Focus on Multifold
Peter Lynch + GARP Style Only Best Of Small
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Tiny CAPS (TC) service focuses on small cap stocks with high return potential in next three years. We follow Peter Lynch’s philosophy of buying stocks which are exhibiting high growth but available at reasonable valuations. Each stocks is tested against several qualitative & quantitative criteria to arrive at a quality score. Only those stocks which score more than 6.5 out of 10 in quality test are recommended. Small caps are inherently risky, so we recommend stocks with enough liquidity to avoid traps. Further stocks are analysed against the industry structure and competitive landscapes. This is to ensure, you get only best quality small cap stocks which can survive market cycles.

Upon subscription, we will be sharing one small cap stock recommendation every month. Also, we will update you on our previous recommendations via a review report. Both these reports will be send on a monthly basis till your subscription remains active.  In a year, you can expect 12 small cap stock under this service. To find out more about this service, click here

3. Emerging CAPS (EC): SME stock recommendation service aiming astonishing returns over long term.

This service recommends SME stocks listed on NSE Emerge & BSE SME platforms. SME stocks are smaller companies with a market capital of less than 100 crores. These stocks have tremendous potential to create wealth but often unknown to many investor due lack of knowledge. With this service, we aim to fill this gap by providing high quality recommendations using our rigorous filters designed from SME point of view. Please note that the minimum investment amount for buying an SME stock is typically more than ₹1 Lakh (As per SEBI rule). This amount varies for each stock but usually within a range of ₹1-1.6 lakhs. These are larwa stage companies with 2-3 times more return potential than traditional small cap stocks. Even in a bad year like 2018, many SME stocks have given returns like 2x-4x within 12 months. The keys is invest in right SME stock to make most of this opportunity. Click here to more about this service.

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Tiny CAPS (TC)
Small Cap Stocks | High Risk High Return

MultiCAP Multibagger (MM)
Multi-Cap | Medium Risk High Return

Combo Plan (TC+MM)
Best of both services

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“Awesome returns from recommendations! I recently upgraded to combo plan which is very cost effective as compared to other services in the market. Going to dinner at a nice restaurant will cost you this much” Siddharth Jauhari, Australia
“I invest monthly in tiny caps stock like SIP. People say that it is not good to buy direct stock since we don’t have enough time & expertise. But I say, if you can outsource research then why not? It gives better results than Mutual funds. Rich people don’t go to mutual funds.” Jagdeep Singh, Delhi, India
“I trusted AI to do financial planning for me. I found it useful & trustworthy. Now, I have invested a lumpsum money as per portfolio recommendation service, multicap multibagger. Let them recommend stocks while I can focus on my job” Amit Sharma, Singapore
“Initially, I was a reader to free AI newsletters and loved to read their articles which focuses on long-term and fundamentally strong tiny to blue-chip stocks. After conviction, I decided to buy combo plan and found reports very crisp and clear, providing just the right amount of information.
I am impressed with after sales support and value creation interactions. AI services are best suited for any person, who do not follow market very regularly. It also brought much needed discipline in my investments which was lacking from a long time. Reasonable subscription charges which I got returned within first-month of my investment” Bala Dengale, Singapore
“I have been investing in stock market for some time and it is very risky if you invest without proper research. At the same time it is highly rewarding if you do the investment in stock market with proper research. Ace equity researches and stock recommendations are very impressive and result oriented. I have been using their services for past one year and now I follow their recommendations blindly.
Good job Ace equity team. Keep up the good work." Jitendra Sharma, India